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Whatever your business specialises in, it will probably have assets which require protection. In the normal course of business, most companies contract with many third parties, whether buying, selling or carrying out any other dealings.

We act closely with many of our clients to ensure commercial arrangements are on their own terms. In cases where that may not be possible, we address the conditions that have been provided and make changes to ensure any risks or exposure to the client are minimised.

It is often overlooked, but we think a key element of assisting a company, which is growing successfully and building a valuable business, is to ensure there are good legal agreements in place. Many clients will have trademarks or patents that form an integral part of the business and we advise on the protection of intellectual property which has an increasing importance for any company. At a time when companies are looking to protect what they have, we believe that putting in place proper protections, or making revisions to the arrangements you already have, will pay dividends in the future.

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