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Andrew Haffner heads up the litigation department and Roger Rubin, together with the litigation team, provide the balance you need to lead you through any dispute.

The art of being a good litigator is appreciating how to handle a variety of matters, by applying past experience and knowledge. Whether it’s dealing with intellectual property disputes or shareholder fall-outs, the litigation team has a loyal network of discerning clients who use us on a regular basis for claimant and defendant matters. All claims are dealt with sensibly and practically.

Litigation work will almost always be billed for on an agreed hourly charge-out rate. Rates and estimates will be provided from the outset, but you can never guarantee what the other side might do to increase your costs. There are a number of ways of funding litigation and the team will discuss the options available to you to cover the risks of paying your opponent’s costs. We’ll also look at working with you on a conditional fee arrangement (no-win, no-fee, if your claim is deemed strong enough and this type of agreement is feasible.)

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