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Your Will tells everyone what should happen to your money, possessions and property after you die (all these things together are called your 'Estate'). If you don't leave a Will, the law decides how your Estate is passed on – and this may not be in line with your wishes.

Many people are concerned that new spouses or second families will inherit their assets in the future, and a well-structured Will can help to prevent this.

Lasting Powers of Attorney

Thinking about what would happen if our mental capacity deserted us is uncomfortable. Yet it is important to consider how much worse the situation could be if you had a stroke, serious accident or dementia without sorting your affairs first.

You can make a Lasting Power of Attorney whilst you have mental capacity to do so – once you’ve lost capacity, it’s too late. We specialise in drafting and advising on these Powers of Attorney.

Inheritance Tax Planning

As Benjamin Franklin said, the only things that are certain in life are ‘death and taxes’, and inheritance tax touches on both of them. When you die, the Government assesses how much your estate is worth, then deducts your debts from this to give the value of your estate. Everything over £325,000 is taxed at 40%.

In 2014-15 £3.6 billion was paid in inheritance tax. Careful planning can minimise the amount of inheritance tax payable on your death.

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