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Dealing with the inheritance tax paperwork and the probate application can be very difficult whilst also grieving. We can guide you through the probate procedure and deal with the administration of estates.


There are many different types of trusts – personal injury trusts, life interest trusts and discretionary trusts. They can be created during your lifetime or in your Will. Trusts have an important role to play to protect beneficiaries.

We can also advise on the interpretation of existing trusts.

Court of Protection/Deputyship

People come under the court of protection if they lose mental capacity and have never made a power of attorney. We act as a professional deputy and also advise lay deputies. We can make the initial application or handle the whole burden of dealing with the court.

Statutory Wills

If you want to make (or change) a Will on behalf of someone who can’t do it themselves then a court application to make a statutory will is needed.

An application for a statutory will is not undertaken lightly. The court is being asked to make a major decision on behalf of someone who by definition lacks capacity. There are also likely to be persons prejudiced by the will who may oppose the application. The Official Solicitor is also likely to act as litigation friend for the person who wrote the will. The Court of Protection Rules and practice directions impose a procedural formality that can lead to a simple adjustment to a person’s will becoming a major legal process.

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