Breach of contract disputes

Contracts form the basis of most commercial relationships. As well as providing clarity in business arrangements, contracts are also put in place to ensure that clear obligations are in place in case either party’s breaches their contractual obligations.

Our commercial team will provide you tailored commercial advice before you enter a contract  but if the terms of a contract are breached or you find yourself involved in a contractual dispute, our litigation team are experienced in resolving disputes relating to all types of commercial contracts, whether they are complex matters or issues arising from day to day business transactions.

Our litigation team frequently advises contractual disputes relation to:

Contracts for goods and services

  • General business contracts
  • Corporate transactions
  • Personal guarantees
  • Loan agreements
  • Banking contracts
  • Building contracts
  • Breach of credit hire agreements
  • Warranty claims
  • Retention of title clauses

Should you require specific advice about a contractual dispute, our litigation team will explain toy you the strengths and weaknesses of each sides position and work out a strategy for you and your business based on your commercial aims and objectives.

A distributor or agent can provide businesses looking to enter a new market or territory with access to local market knowledge and potential customers. This avoids the need for a business to incur the expense of opening a new office or recruit its own team.


If you are a business or consumer who feels they may have a claim under the relevant legislations, please get in touch. We will provide an initial assessment of your claim with estimated costs.

Similarly, if you need help drafting a goods or services contract, we have the skills and expertise necessary within our practice to make sure your interests are protected.

A contract is not necessarily a formal written and signed document. Broadly speaking, a contract is simply an agreement between two or more people, where each promises to do something for the other. In most cases, this could be a written or oral agreement.