Construction Disputes

We can advise on a range of issues within the construction industry, such as contracts, procurement, engineering projects, regulatory and legislative issues, and more. We advise in various different sectors from commercial to residential buildings, offices, retail, manufacturing, and mixed-use properties.

What do you need legal representation?

In the majority of cases, construction and engineering projects run smoothly, with the occasional hiccups along the way. However, it is an unfortunate reality that there is scope for things to go wrong, especially on larger projects.

In these circumstances, we can advise on:

  • Professional negligence claims against consultants, architects or project managers
  • Structural defects, both obvious and/or hidden problems
  • Unauthorised variations made to the project after design
  • Additional costs suffered by various parties in the project (loss and expense claims)
  • Delayed completion and issues regarding project completion
  • Breach of supply contracts in the supply chain (regarding building materials etc) and breach of services contracts
  • Health and safety issues
  • Other regulatory or compliance issues
  • Insurance disputes

We understand that construction and engineering projects can be the flagship of your business, and when something goes wrong, you want a resolution as quickly as possible. Our role is to provide certainty and clarity to what can invariably be a complicated situation. We will take an initial assessment of your case, outlining an estimate of costs, and a plan of action going forward.

We also actively promote and pursue alternative dispute resolution techniques such as adjudication, arbitration and mediation.

On the non-contentious side, we can also advise on bespoke contracts for the supply of goods and services. We can also advise and draft procurement agreements, considering your commercial objectives to ensure the best possible agreements for you and your business. This is because we take the time to know your business, and gain an understanding of the aims of your projects.