Probate Reseals

Where a person domiciled abroad dies leaving assets in England and Wales, the Grant of Probate obtained overseas may need to be ‘resealed’ in order for the assets in England and Wales to be administered.

For example, if a person domiciled in Australia dies and has property in England and Wales, an application needs to be made to a Probate Registry in England for the Australian Grant to be resealed so that the property can be dealt with. Regardless of the value of the assets in England and Wales, HMRC require a full tax account when applying for a Grant to be resealed.

Once a resealed Grant has been obtained, we can collect in the deceased’s assets in England and Wales and distribute these. We are also able to assist with any tax that may be due, such as income tax.

We have resealed Grants from a number of different jurisdictions including Canada, Australia, Zimbabwe, Singapore and New Zealand.