Professional Negligence

When instructing a professional, that professional usually owes a duty of care.  Professionals are held to a high standard and, as expected, they should give adequate and correct advice and information.  In circumstances when a duty of care exists, and you or your business have suffered loss because of poor advice, you may have a claim in professional negligence. Professional negligence claims have been consistently increasing over the years, due in part to professionals taking on more complex work, and clients becoming increasingly aware of their rights. During hard times, losses suffered are also more keenly felt.

We understand that bad advice can have significant consequences for you and your business. This is not about professional bashing, but about your entitlement to be properly compensated when your business has suffered financial or reputational loss.

We act for clients in negligence claims in relation to:

  • Solicitors.
  • Barristers.
  • Accountants.
  • Chartered Surveyors.
  • Financial advisers.
  • Tax advisers.
  • Insurance Brokers

Most professionals are required to have indemnity insurance in the expectation that mistakes do happen, but professional negligence claims are not always straightforward, and can often turn into complicated disputes. This is why it is imperative you seek expert advice from the outset. We will work hard to determine the issues in your particular case, seek to narrow down the issues and provide an estimate of how much you are likely to receive and the extent of the legal costs that may be incurred.

We will seek to explore alternative dispute resolution techniques were possible to reach settlement, potentially avoiding the need to get into expensive litigation through the courts. We are sensible with costs and always work with you to achieve the best solution.

How long do you have to make a claim?

Generally, you have six years to bring a claim from the date of the breach of contract, or the date loss was suffered. This is known as the limitation period, and there are circumstances where this may be extended. However, there may be difficulties determining when loss was actually suffered and the later you leave it, the more difficult bringing a claim may be. We advise seeking help regarding any potential claim at the earliest possible stage.