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Intellectual Property

In a world driven by technology there is an increasing need for our clients to protect such intellectual property which they create (in many cases at significant cost) and to ensure that such rights can be used and exploited to their maximum.

We have the expertise to advise our clients as to what legal steps need to be taken, whether to protect copyright, a trademark or a patent or otherwise what protection is best put in place to protect whatever it is that has been developed whether that is a new “app” which after release is likely to be replicated in the market place or any other product or software in which there is valuable intellectual property.

To the extent protection can be put in place to protect the intellectual property rights, we will advise as to what appropriate agreements/arrangements should be drawn up whether by way of a licence of rights to a third party or some other formal agreement.   We can assist in any negotiations as to what those terms should be for the purpose of ensuring that any value in the rights are maximised rather than diminished. 

We provide advice to our clients at  each stage of the process including the preparation and drafting of agreements including:-

  • Confidentiality Agreement/NDAs
  • Applications for trademarks/patents
  • Software Licence Agreements
  • Trademark Licences

For any work we undertake we will, wherever possible, agree a fixed fee so that our client is informed at the outset of what costs need to be included in any business plan or budget for the protection of any intellectual property which is critical for the development of the business and  needs to be protected. 

If you require any of our Commercial and IP services, a member of our expert team would be more than happy to help.