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Exit Strategy

A time comes in most people’s careers where they need to think about changing jobs; be that to climb the employment ladder, to achieve a better work life balance, or because of ongoing disputes.

If your exit from your employer is likely to be contentious, it could lead to claims in the Employment Tribunal. If you have concerns about restrictive covenants there can be a lot of value in taking expert legal advice on your situation, so you can be clear of what you can and can’t do when you leave.

If you are looking to leave because you have problems at work, we can advise on what claims you may be able to bring and how best to pursue them.  We can also provide expert advice on how best to approach a negotiated exit and, where appropriate, protected conversations and Settlement Agreements. 

If there are any restrictive covenants in your Contract of Employment we can advise on the validity of those restrictions and negotiate waivers or amendments in a Settlement Agreement.

If you are thinking of leaving your current employer and want advice on the ramifications, contact our specialise commercial Employment Lawyers who will be happy to advise.