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Roger Rubin


About me

Born and educated the “Scouse” end of the M62, I have spent my adult life in Manchester, with frequent trips to sunny and drier parts wherever possible! I have a keen interest in high-tech gadgetry and have an almost obsessive love of News and Politics. I also enjoy watching and playing both Tennis and Football (although I’m not a City fan – to the disappointment (or worse!) of my colleagues).

My expertise

My practice is wide and varied, covering as diverse fields as partnership and shareholder disputes, to landlord and tenant issues, Professional Negligence actions, disputes with Banks and Insolvency related issues.

Roger Rubin

My clients prefer a down-to-earth, practical approach from a lawyer, who has the ability to communicate and present legal issues in an understandable, personal and cost-effective way.

If you require any of our legal services, Roger or any other member of our expert team would be more than happy to help.