Trusts for Children

No matter what age a child is, parents will always want to look after their children, and some parents want to achieve this by creating a trust for their child. Some parents are partial to using trusts because a trust can allow them to retain an element of control over the assets within the trust and this can be particularly important if your child is young. However, there is no age limit in establishing a trust for a child, so it is possible to create a trust for the benefit of an adult child.

At BBS, we are very aware that each family is different and that is why we do not adopt a one size fits all approach. We are knowledgeable about a range of trusts and are experts in tailoring trusts to suit your needs. We know that circumstances change, but that doesn’t mean your trust has to come to an end. We are able to create flexible trusts to satisfy your changing needs and provide longevity to the trust.