Although it may be morbid to think about dying, it is important you make a Will ensuring your assets pass in accordance with your wishes on your death.

Having a Will in place gives you peace of mind that your assets will pass in accordance with your wishes, whether that’s making sure you have provided for your family, making provisions for a vulnerable person or supporting causes you care about.

If you die without a valid Will then you will die intestate and your estate will pass in accordance with the law, which may not reflect your wishes.

BBS are well versed in drafting Wills, from straight-forward Wills to complex Wills including multiple Trusts, we have a broad depth of knowledge to create a bespoke Will that suits your needs.

If you are worried about Inheritance Tax, a Will can be used as an effective vehicle to ensure that your estate is as tax efficient as possible. Dying intestate may run the risk of incurring a larger tax bill on your death than if there had been a Will in place.

Even if you have a Will in place, it is important to review it to make sure it still reflects your needs. If you have doubts about your current Will we can talk you through it and prepare a new one if needed. It is important to renew your Will after significant events, such as marriage or divorce, purchasing a property or receiving a large inheritance. We provide free Will reviews, so if you are unsure if your Will still caters for your needs speak to us.